Produce Locations

Below is a map of the southern half of the Imperial Valley, with shaded areas representing the general locations where LaBrucherie Produce’s produce fields are located.  LaBrucherie Produce provides its clients with a diversified geographic selection of the best produce growing areas in the southern Imperial Valley.  The well-known Highline Rd., the east Holtville region that is closest to the Yuma coolers, the central and southern Holtville areas with quick accesses to highways for trucking to Yuma, and the rich produce growing areas of southern El Centro are all strategic areas for growing produce that LaBrucherie Produce offers its clients each year.  Within these highlighted areas, LaBrucherie Produce has spent the last sixty years cherry-picking the very best fields for produce growing.  The result is 5,000 acres of the best yielding produce ground in the southern Imperial Valley, an advantage that the company’s clients enjoy each season.

Produce Location Map