At LaBrucherie Produce, the most important concern is the health and safety of the produce consumer. Accordingly, the company has made food safety the number one priority at each and every field. From the irrigators to the leadership of the organization, everyone has a constant watchful eye for the safety of the crop throughout the work day.

LaBrucherie Produce is always in full compliance with the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA). Also, the company caters to the additional food safety requirements of each produce client. Properly serving the additional food safety needs of each client is a serious matter and a core part of the company’s business success. Accordingly, the company has on staff a full-time Food Safety Director, Ricardo Canchola.

Water testing, field audits, rodent traps, bathroom facilities, cleaning reports, food safety training, daily employee illness log sheets, and all the other standard operating procedures (SOPs) are all part of Ricardo’s daily routine. What is so critical for LaBrucherie Produce’s food safety business model, however, is Ricardo’s ability to differentiate among the different produce clients’ needs that go beyond the LGMA requirements, while at the same time respecting the mandates of the produce clients that do not require a particular additional step or test.