Tim is a graduate of the University of Southern California where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in accounting. He later attended Stanford University where he earned his Juris Doctor. After becoming a licensed C.P.A. and attorney, and several years of practice, he returned to the farm and has worked at LaBrucherie Produce for over 45 years. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Imperial County Farm Bureau. In addition, since 1987, Tim has served on the board of directors for Farm Credit Services, Southwest.




J.P., Tim’s only son, is also a graduate of the University of Southern California where he earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He later graduated from University of Notre Dame law school. After his studies, he worked at Deloitte & Touche in San Diego, and became a licensed C.P.A. and attorney. Today, J.P. co-manages LaBrucherie Produce with his father, and is a board member of the Imperial Valley Vegetable Grower Association and Western Growers Association.



Head Grower

Brent Peterson graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and serves as the Head Grower for LaBrucherie Produce. Making the LaBrucherie family very proud every day, Brent has succeeded with his true focus on growing the best produce, block by block. Brent’s excellent growing and leadership skills can be attributed to his hard work, determination, and also his key mentors. Not only was he fortunate enough to have Tim LaBrucherie teach him a myriad of skills for growing produce, he also learned from one of the grower icons of the Imperial Valley, his father. Ken Peterson has been a grower for over 40 years and has taught his son a great deal of what he has learned. With unique growing perspectives from the LaBrucherie Family, his father, and now well over a decade of his own established experience as Head Grower,  Brent is certainly poised to continue his growing success with the company. 



Director of Food Safety

Ricardo joined the organization after previously working for the CDFA and Primus GFS to ensure that food safety compliance is a strong point of LaBrucherie Produce. His thoroughness and organizational skills are the driving components to the accuracy and integrity of the food safety program. Ricardo is also very good at staying apprised of all the latest changes in food safety compliance, as well as any client specific requirements that change.




Cameron is a 4th generation farmer who has been growing produce in the Imperial Valley area since 2008. His strongest quality is his natural inclination to innovate and improve. With this, Cameron is able to combine established, best farming practices of the past with the data and technology driven techniques of the future. This makes him posed for greatness and why we are excited to have him on the LaBrucherie Produce farm team.



Chief Operating Officer

Like our growers are to the produce in the fields, Chris is a natural care-taker of the technology driven planning and accounting that are keys to LaBrucherie Produce's success. With his inherent ease around spreadsheets and software, he is able to always find new ways to innovate and streamline operations. A friendly personality to boot, Chris helps manage our office so if you're ever in the area come by and say hi.



Accounting Manager

It's no secret the amount of effort out on the ranch it takes to grow fresh produce annually but what is less recognized is the challenging task of managing the numbers behind such an endeavor. This is where Rosina shines. A graduate from San Diego State University, she joined LaBrucherie Produce in 2016 and has been an integral part since. Despite the many challenges that arise each day, Rosina always has the right attitude and views them as opportunities to grow and improve. 



Operations Manager

Rick Magallanes joined the organization in 2009 and we have never been so proud of someone that has taken on such a daunting challenge at the ranch: maintaining over 40 sprinkler pumps, 75 or more tractors, 70 trucks, water trucks, forklifts, dump trucks, and spray equipment. He has an amazing reputation Imperial Countywide for his exceptional knowledge of agricultural equipment. Rick loves John Deere equipment and bleeds green. The company is very lucky to have him on the team.




For almost thirty years, Mike Johnson has served as the P.C.A. for LaBrucherie Produce. His many years of experience, impeccable crop science knowledge, and daily thoroughness allow the LaBrucheries and all of their clients to sleep well at night. In addition, Mike has an exceptional reputation among his peers, farmers, and even all the regulatory inspectors with whom he interacts.



Human Resources Manager

Human Resources to us represents the heart of the company and that is reflection of Alejandra's hard work here at LaBrucherie Produce. For over a decade she has helped us build the amazing team we now have. Every year represents a new challenge, but Alejandra has remained dauntless in the many tasks it takes to keep our employees happy, healthy, and able to focus on growing the highest quality produce. 



Equipment Division Foreman

Javier Oceguera is best known for his ability to operate any piece of farm equipment in any situation.  Previous to GPS technology, Javier was a lister tractor driver.  He also drove motor graders and every other tractor in the LaBrucherie Produce fleet.  Now, he acts as foreman to the equipment division and manages the entire department from one side of the Imperial Valley to the other.  Javier has now been with the company for over 30 years and is credited for teaching JP how to drive tractors back in the early 90s. His vast knowledge and understanding of all the equipment is the key reason why he is so successful at making sure the entire equipment division runs smoothly.



Labor Crew Supervisor

Albert Marron is in charge of all the labor crews throughout the year, including weeding crews and thinning crews.  His responsibility is pivotal to our company’s success, both through the efficiency of labor and the quality of the work performed.  Albert is a true motivator and is fair to the people that work under him, which are two main attributes of his success.



Head Fabricator

Anything that has been built at LaBrucherie Produce in the past 40 years is the result of Cuco’s hard work. His skills as a welder, and unprecedented speed, have placed a large load of work on this one person. Cuco wouldn’t have it any other way, though. Always with a smile on his face, Cuco simply wants to work hard and enjoy himself while he’s doing it.

LBP Team